sweater dresses

1. septembra 2017
Do you like this type of dress? It is so comfy and amazing for autumn or winter! Today, I have some inspiration for you :) Sweater dresses are my favourite :)
I love grey, white and black dresses so I choose these :) You can wear these dresses in fall and in winter too! :)
Everything is from amazing e-shop :)

first dresses // second dresses // third dresses
One of the wardrobe essential pieces you should have in your closet is the sweater dress. First impressions always count and during this season your dress will speak more of you, your style and professionalism than you think.

Besides the perfect winter coat, knitwear is something you can always rely on during the winter cold.Layering is very important and you can do it with this dress! I prefer skirts and dress, so for me, this is the righ choice! 

Do you like this type of dress? :) Which is your favourite?